The Rift Valley Festival will be an intimate gathering of local and international artists, combining traditional African roots and global styles.

It will provide a stage for established as well as developing talent, creating a fusion of musical influences with the very best independent acts. We will also create a platform for the exposure of local arts, crafts and culture.

Our aim is to make a real difference to local communities by raising awareness and money to aid environmental improvement and community regeneration in Kenya. All profits from ticket sales will go directly towards supporting grassroots projects.

Things You Need to Know About Learning Tennis

Things You Need to Know About Learning TennisYou have been hoping to pursue a new sport. You have been cooped up inside the house for too long and you want to spend more time out of doors. You want to see some of the extra weight that you have gained over the past few months as well and you are hoping to find a sport that is going to be physically demanding enough. You have taken the time to look at all the choices for you and you have decided that the best choice would have to be tennis.

This is definitely a fun game to play and you want to make sure that you have been made aware of the rules of the game before you start purchasing your gears. You need to do your research on what you can and cannot expect to get or experience if you will pursue it. Weigh in on the cons and the pros of the activity too. Make sure that the pros that you are getting out of it are going to truly outweigh the cons that you may likely have to deal with.

You need to wear the right gear. As far as an outfit goes, you need something that is very comfortable you want to go for a choice that is very comfortable especially around the arm areas. You will be using your arms to sing your racket at incoming balls. This is why attire that is made to make your arm parts more comfortable and a lot easier to move is very important. You need a racket. If you are testing the waters still, renting out at a venue is a possibility.

Once you have decided that this is indeed the right choice for you, you want to make sure that you buy your own. You want to find a racket that is right for you, your build, your grip, your capacity to bear weight, and at the same time, you preference. It is an extension to your arm. So, you need it to be made from the right materials. You need it to be durable as well. Thus, they can be expected to withstand wear and tear and constant usage effectively. Conducting tennis court maintenance is a big help for the beginners for their convenience.Things You Need to Know About Learning Tennis 2

Practices are better done and are more productive when done with a match. You want to play with another player in order for you to test out whatever things you have learned. This is a good way to ensure that you are able to play the theories you have learned into reality. Remember, the skills you have will never be honed overnight, you need time to learn them. Perfect them. Then use them not only as your defensive technique, but your offensive one as well.

Hiring a coach is a popular choice these days too. There are a lot of people that would prefer calling an expert to assist them in learning the rules of the game. You can do the same thing, do hire somebody with the right credentials and appropriate qualifications so you are sure that they will not disappoint as far as guiding you into the budding player that you are. Choose one that charges right and one who is highly vouched for as well.

How You Can Play Online Bingo

How You Can Play Online BingoFor those who love to play bingo, you can now quit commuting to your usual go-to place and just sit in front of your computer. The reason? You can finally play bingo online. There are literally hundreds of online bingo games that you can play, which range from just a casual game to the real ones where you get to bet real money in real time and get to play with other players who are either your neighbours or people from other places outside your country. This is where the fun begins – as you start playing bingo online, you will realize how fun it is experience virtual gaming, not to mention you get rid of the hassle of prepping yourself to look pretty in front of other people. Online gambling requires none other than an optimal computer with an internet connection.

In order for you to start playing online bingo, you will need to find an online bingo site first. Using a major search engine, you will be able to find the most reputable bingo site right away. You will need to do your own research though whether or not the online bingo site that you have found is a legitimate one or not. This step is very crucial – there are a lot of gamblers becoming victims because they signed up to the wrong online bingo site. Once you have found the right online bingo site, your next step is to create an online account with them. They will require you to fill in your personal information and a valid email address. If you fail to do one of the two correctly, you will not be able to open an account or you will have difficulty cashing in your rewards or winnings.

Some online bingo sites will require you to make a deposit or a minimum fee in order to get started with playing the game. If you are unsure of what the new bingo sites is, they usually offer trial accounts that you can use for a limited amount of time, mostly for a month. These trial accounts will give you a good time to get to know how the interface works and how online bingo is being played. It will also show you how you collect your winnings. After you have used up your trial account, you will be given an option whether or not you are going to play for real. If you agree, you will need to deposit the required amount. This amount will be usable during the game.

Playing online bingo is just like playing bingo in real life, but the difference here is that you do not hold actual cards. The cards are provided online – just think of them as virtual cards. The money you win is virtual at some point, but by the time you make your withdrawal, is are converted into real money and transferred to the bank account you provided in your information. These are just all the things you need to do to get you started playing online bingo.

Why You Should Safari in Kenya

Why You Should Safari in KenyaA safari in Kenya is among the most unbelievable experiences and the best travel experience of life. Nevertheless, many travellers share some common uncertainties about security and any media about Kenya seems to bring only narratives of road accidents, ebola and terrorism. Nevertheless, you have to be unlucky to get caught up in trouble of those forms.

1. To see the fantastic Wildebeest Migration

2. Seashore, bush, mountains, desert, savannah – Kenya has many different surroundings and distinct cultures with them,, wildlife and birds

3. Poaching is improving and grim predictions say there will not be any elephants in 20 years

4. Kenyan people are able to welcome visitors – low tourist amounts influence the whole market and Kenyans want to show travellers their beautiful country

The fantastic Wildebeest Migration

However even in the event that you lose the river crossing, seeing the enormous herds (animals inside their millions!) grazing the savannah is a sight to behold. Cameras cannot do it justice; you’ve got to see it for yourself.

Varied surroundings

Whether you want desert experience, bush escape, mountain climb or a beach holiday, Kenya has everything. And you could put together an itinerary that covers some or all these environments without needing to fly long distances. The most common Kenyan holiday combines a safari having a day or two in the beach in the end to wash the dust away. And along with these different environments comes different cultures and wildlife – Samburu has five endemic species you won’t see in the southern parks. For culture, you finish in cosmopolitan Nairobi and can see a Maasai village, experience 14 distinct ethnic groups. You do not have to trek for a week to appreciate the mountains, although the highlight is Mt Kenya; there are coffee and tea plantations to visit and the beautiful Thomson’s Falls. Through the Rift Valley and into western Kenya are lakes such as the famous flamingos, with the myriad birdlife.

The Kenyan safari is threatened by poaching

There appears to be an understanding that poaching was a problem in years previous, but isn’t now. Regrettably this is not true, and in fact it’s becoming worse. One prediction is the fact that there will not be any elephants if poaching continues at the current rate. Lions and rhinos may also be under significant hazard, with rhinos disappearing in a rate which is simply unsustainable. It’s hard to be optimistic that humans will be able to turn the tendency with market forces so powerful across for ivory and rhino horn, so that it’s maybe easier to come to Kenya now before it is too late, to see these spectacular creatures.

Kenyan individuals

Tourism is the largest industry in Kenya when tourism amounts are low the economic impact is felt by the whole country. Kenyans are naturally sharp to welcome visitors and show off their nation. Not everyone is a terrorist or a madman; most are excited to meet with travellers and pleased with their country. Come and see for yourself and be inspired!

A Kenyan safari will probably be one of the very most unforgettable experiences of your lifetime. I have now made Kenya my house and came to it in 2010.

What are your awareness of Kenya? Do news reports that are negative impact your final decision on where to travel or can you do your own research and ignore the hype? Please leave your comments below.

Visit the Masai Mara in Kenya

Visit the Masai Mara in KenyaThe breath-taking beauty of the Masai Mara stalks from the appealing conceit of the lion, the slick sprint of a leopard as well as numerous sights; the graceful amble of a giraffe.

It is a nice idea to escape from assemblies that are mundane, demanding the tedium of everyday life as well as managers. Africa is the continent where the first human remains were discovered along with the land definitely keeps mystery and the charm that brought numerous explorers in the west.

The vast, quiet grasslands are teeming with wildlife.

There are wonderful resorts in the Masai Mara ranging from funds ones that are moderate to tourist shelters that are luxury. Most resorts provide you with a complete board system of meals (that will be simply too as there’d would be nowhere to go in the jungle!) And offer rooms that are tastefully appointed with comfy beds and hot showers.

The journey from Nairobi to the Masai Mara takes approximately between 5 to 6 hours according to wherever your resort is situated. Most ‘Kombi’ motorists would rather depart to 8 am as to get to the Mara.

A ‘Kombi’ is a Nissan van built to hold from 9 to 15 passengers.

Most Kombis are designed with walkie-talkie systems as well as the motorist will often use his radio to talk to other motorists in the refuge.

As you come down the mountains it’s possible for you to take pleasure in the panoramic views. It is wise to take along drinking water (most tour companies will carry the van using lots of bottles of drinking water) plus a light coat. Daytime temperatures are extremely warm although early mornings and evenings often get somewhat nippy.

There are lots of extremely great places. Here is a closer at the hostels that are most effective:

All these are tented accommodations found close to the gate. The tents are house twin or single beds along with a toilet/shower and lavish. Meals are served in the dining and restaurant area that will be aesthetically built to blend to the surroundings that was wooded.

The Mara Simba is situated on the outside towards the center of the Masai Mara; neither overly deep in nor too much. The lodging is the kind of one-storey bungalows having a ground level plus one level upwards.

The rooms are an absolute delight to relax in as well as the toilets/showers are luxury and hot. Rooms are designed using a balcony in case you are lucky or where you are able to relax following your game drives and take pleasure in the peaceful chirping of birds, the occasional sighting of a hippo in the waters on the other side of the resort.

Food is a pleasure with the exotic mixture of Indian, African and western cuisine. The dessert table is well stocked with cakes, fruit pies and custards and you also regularly appreciate an impromptu Masai dance.

Situated 50 kilometres deep to the jungle, you must cross the Mara river to access the Mara Serena Lodge. Often, visitors see plenty of wildlife even.

The Mara Serena is among the very most picturesque resorts in the Masai Mara and is made on a small incline. Owing to its altitude, it is possible to enjoy a bird’s-eye view of a big ball of the game park.

On a side note, the Mara Serena is home to ‘Hyrax’; a little rodent kind creature, which is somewhat like a mole.

Suggestions to the Masai Mara for Kenya Journey

Here are several suggestions if you’re contemplating a vacation to Africa’s best-loved tourist hotspot:

The optimum time to go to the Masai Mara is mid-June to mid-August when the migration takes place, because this is; a large number of herbivores cross between Tanzania and Kenya. The carnivores follow
Make sure your tour operator offers you a motorist that is friendly and enthusiastic. The excursions to Masai Mara depend on a cordial motorist can make all of the difference and how great your motorist is. He can take initiative to drive you to distant corners to look at creatures that are distinct
You can find curios and souvenirs in the curio markets in Nairobi; resorts do have stores however they are usually pricey. They are good enough in the event you are trying to find only a couple of bits.
A visit to the Masai Mara is a life memory. Luxury resorts, friendly locals and the exotic wildlife give to what can only be called an original encounter. The dark, forbidding beauty of the jungle coupled with all the tasty food and well-appointed room’s joins to create your Kenya vacation an experience to be savoured, recalled and recounted to co-workers, buddies as well as your entire family.