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Travelling with Exercise Equipment

Libby Hunter/ October 5, 2016/ Blog/ 0 comments

Travelling is one of the most sought after experience or hobby one can consider. It helps one not only physically but also mentally and broadens horizons, unlike any other activity. One of the biggest concerns for travellers is the amount of exercise or lack of one can experience when travelling. Many travellers also intend to stay fit and healthy while

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Why You Should Safari in Kenya

Libby Hunter/ October 29, 2015/ Blog, Category 1, Category 2/ 0 comments

A safari in Kenya is among the most unbelievable experiences and the best travel experience of life. Nevertheless, many travellers share some common uncertainties about security and any media about Kenya seems to bring only narratives of road accidents, ebola and terrorism. Nevertheless, you have to be unlucky to get caught up in trouble of those forms. 1. To see

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Visit the Masai Mara in Kenya

Libby Hunter/ October 27, 2015/ Blog, Category 1, Category 2/ 0 comments

The breath-taking beauty of the Masai Mara stalks from the appealing conceit of the lion, the slick sprint of a leopard as well as numerous sights; the graceful amble of a giraffe. It is a nice idea to escape from assemblies that are mundane, demanding the tedium of everyday life as well as managers. Africa is the continent where the

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